Battle Series Focus Mitts

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Combat Series Focus Mitts

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Focus Mitts

Learning to strike properly is the most important aspect of combat sports like boxing, MMA, muay thai and more. Focus mitts are a multi-purpose training tool that helps protect the feeder/holder and build punching speed, power and accuracy of the puncher.

Our Focus mitts are built to last and designed to protect the holder and absorb full impact. A 3-layer high density latex padding delivers the best possible absorption. Inside, the focus mitts is form fitting Ergo-Ball Technology that fits like a ball inside the holder's hand allowing you to control movement more easily and disperse higher impact without missing a beat.

Designed to develop superior striking speed and accuracy while enabling the holder the comfort and control to train longer than any other focus mitts on the market.

Made with a combination of 100% cowhide leather and anti-microbial mesh to not only offer durability, but also to make these focus mitts one of the lightest breathable mitts on the market today. Ultimately, this means longer training sessions and the ability to move faster and transition more smoothly.

UFC fighter, Chad Mendes Hitting Reign Focus Mitts for the media and fans at the UFC 142 Open Workouts at Barra de Tijuca Beach on January 11, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Chael Sonnen and Clayton Hired Open Workout UFC

Clayton Hires and Chael Sonnen at the UFC open Workout, 2013