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Jonh Alession wearing Reign Handwraps



UFC Vet, John "The Natural" Alessio Knows Reign Wraps

Reign Hand Wraps:

Did you know that there are 27 bones in the Human hand? One forth of all the bones in your body are in your hands. Protection of your hands is one of the most crucial elements of your training. Reign hand wraps are made of 100% soft cotton and are a full 5 meters (196") for that extra wrist support you need. We realize that the industry standard 180" wrap is no longer enough to properly protect the wide range of bones, phalanges, metacarpals and tendons in the hands and wrist. Wrap up, stay safe and train even longer now with Reign's 5 meter Hand wraps. We are industry leaders in providing you the very best in martial art training equipment.