Combat Series Head Gear
One Size FIts All

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We are now focussed on custom manufacturing for other brands
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Headgear is one of if not the most importnant peice of equipment you can use in the gym. Hard sparring is common in many sports like boxing, kick boxing, mma, and all traditional martial arts. To protect yourself from sustaining head injuries, Reign headgear is the ultimate in protection.

Additional protection in key areas is added to every set of our headgear. These crutial areas are the chin, the top of the head and behind the head. Extra protection in these areas are essential to deliver the most protection while heavy sparring.

The inner liner is made with soft a Non slip suede leather which wicks moisture and holds the headgear in place while sparring, delivering peak performance.

An easy access rear entry system is used making usage comfortable is convenient. Fully adjustable hook-and-loop straps on top and behind the head make an extra-secure fit and precise sizing.

Full face models offer fully padded cheek and chin padding for even more protection.