Reign PRO MMA 4oz Gloves

Reign PRO MMA 4oz Battle Mitts

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*Genuine Leather
*Triple Wrap Clinch Strap giving great wrist support
*The Most Comfortable MMA Glove On The Market
*Great finger mobility
*Room for wraps
*Worn by Top Canadian Pro Fighters like
Denis Kang

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4oz MMA Battle Mitts

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Reign PRO MMA 4oz Gloves

*Genuine Leather
*Triple Wrap Clinch Strap giving ultimate wrist support
*The Most Comfortable MMA Glove On The Market
*Open finger system
*Great finger mobility
*Perfect for quick transitions from light sparring to grappling
*Room for wraps
*Worn by Top Canadian Pro Fighters like Denis Kang

Reign Pro MMA 4 oz Gloves are designed with extra padding and protection for light sparring, light bag work, or Pro competition. 100% cowhide construction provides the most durable and comfortable material used today. These versatile gloves are also designed with an open finger system which are perfect for quick transitions from light sparring to grappling. No glove is complete without great wrist support. The triple wrap cinch strap provides more than enough wrist support for bag work or even professional fighting which calls for the use of 4oz MMA gloves. Always remember to wear hand wraps underneath your gloves to further protect your hands and wrists.

Reign has sponsored nearly 100 Professional and Amateur Athletes that all use and love our gloves. Reign also provides Professional Events such as the AFC with the gloves that they use in their events.

With one-fourth of the bones in your entire body being in your hands, Reign knows the importance of providing the best protection possible. Your hands are the single most important aspect of your training. Because of that fact, Reign spares no expense when it comes to the development of the most protective and comfortable gloves on the market. By developing the best gloves on the market, Reign allows you to train harder and longer knowing that you are using the ultimate in elite training equipment.

Ryan "The Real Deal" Ford, Pro Welterweight, Edmonton, Ab, Canada.

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