Reign "Battle Series" Boxing Gloves

2016 boxing gloves - battle series

Reign "Battle Series" Boxing Gloves

16oz Boxing Gloves $70
12oz Boxing Gloves $70

USA we will add $10

* Synthetic Leather Construction
* Triple nylon stitching
* Hand Molded
* Latex padding
* Extra Wrist Support
* Available in 12oz & 16oz

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Reign Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves today are a product of evolution itself. Tested by Professional trainers and fighters, Reign boxing gloves have been put to the absolute test. After years of development, Reign boxing gloves have evolved to a state of excellence. Using 100% cowhide leather construction is used to offer the most durable surface possible. A perfectly hand molded latex padding design allows an unbeatable ergonomic fit and the best impact performance and protection. Reign offers 10 ounce and 16 ounce boxing gloves, both with their own unique attributes. The 10 ounce boxing glove is designed for fast bag or hand pad work. However, the 16 ounce gloves can be used for nearly any aspect of your training such as, bag work, pad work and sparring. Offering more padding and protection, the 16 ounce glove is most commonly known as a sparring gheavier of the two gloves, the 16 ounce gloves get you accustomed to harder training sessions which will in turn increase your hand speed and power over time.

Hard Knocks Welterweight Champion, Andrew Buckland. Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC.

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