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  • Battle Series Boxing Gloves

  • Combat Series Boxing Gloves
    10oz & 16oz

  • Recruit Series Boxing Gloves


  • Battle Series Focus Pads

  • Combat Series Focus Pads




  • Combat Series Thai Pads

  • Combat Series Shin In-steps

  • Combat Series Head Gear
    One Size FIts All


  • Reign Gel Quickwrap Gloves

  • 196" Elastisized Cotton
    Hand Wraps


  • Youth Training Equipment
    6 - 12yrs

    Cadet Series 8oz Boxing Gloves

    Cadet Series Shin In-steps

    Cadet Series HeadGear


  • Reign Hand Wrap Wash Bags

  • Available in S/M and L/XL

MMA Gear

Boxing Gloves | Focus Mitts | Shin Guards

MMA gear is a vital part of being a Martial Artist. When it comes to the best Martial Arts Training Equipment, it depends on your needs. Reign has a wide variety of the most durable and protective MMA gear on the market today. Only the best construction materials are used when developing Reign MMA gear. The best materials possible is the Reign minimum standard. Product testing is done with Elite Pro Athletes and Trainers who put them to the absolute test before reaching the open market. Each product has gone through months of testing and redevelopment to reach the quality Reign is proud to produce today. Reign products are developed for all levels of Martial Artists with durability and comfort built-in. Reign easily exceeds today's industry standards. Reign MMA gear is battle tested and battle proven!

Reign Sports now offers 4 different product lines, each with it's own unique style, fit and price range. Wether you are a beginner, advanced or a youth, Reign Sports has you covered.

The "Battle" Series is the first range of equipment Reign Sports produced. Top grade materials and an exceedingly popular Asian inspired design. Launched in 2009, the "Battle" Series is now coming to a cloce. However, there are still some popular items in stock such as the Battle Focus mitts.

The "Combat" Series by Reign Sports is their most advanced range to date. Made with the absolute best materials and more features. Every product is unique and sets new indudtry standards. The evolution of the Reign Sports brand is evident with each new Series. Launched in 2013, The "Combat" Series has quickly become a top seller in stores and has proven to be the best Series to date. Durability is the main focus with this collection and judging by the feedback Reign Sports hit a homerun with the design as well.

The "Recruit" Series by Reign Sports is where quality meets affordability. An entrance level collection with all the same features as the top end range. Made with top grade engineered leather, the Recruit Series is durable, functional and affordable. Launched in the fall of 2013, this series will be a crowd favorite.

UFC fighter, Chad Mendes Hitting Reign Focus Mitts for the media and fans at the UFC 142 Open Workouts at Barra de Tijuca Beach on January 11, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The "Cadet" Series by Reign Sports is for our younger generation. A youth series for 7-12 years of age. Top grade engineered leather making this range durable but very affordable. This is where quality meets affordability.