Reign "Combat" Tee

Reign "Combat" Tee

*Available in Black or White*


*Fitted cut
*Extra soft
* 60% cotton / 40% Polyester for comfort and flexibility
*Proudly worn by all Reign Fight Team Members

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Reign "Combat" Tee

Reign/(rn)/: To rule, prevail, or to have dominating power or influence.

"Train the body straighten the heart; reach enlightenment through the path in martial art" Reign's Credo, that is built upon the principles of truth, honor and respect.

The Reign "Combat" Tee is proudly worn by over 100 sponsored athletes around the world, making them one of the most recognized MMA tees today. Wear your "Army" tee with pride knowing that those who do, share in the respect and honor of a true warrior.

The Reign "Army" Tee is made with a unique soft cotton/polyester blend that offers durability and flexibility. "Combat" tees are form-fitted and stretch to the shape of your body, while promoting air flow and moisture wicking. Whether you are an Elite Athlete, active enthusiast or someone who just digs a cool tee, the Reign "Combat" tee will suit your needs.

Ryan "The Real Deal" Ford, Pro Welterweight, Edmonton, Ab, Canada.

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