Combat Series Shin Guards

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Reign Sports Apparel

Reign/(rn)/: To rule, prevail, or to have dominating power or influence.

"Train the body straighten the heart; reach enlightenment through the path in martial art"

Reign's Credo, that is built upon the principles of truth, honor and respect.

Reign Sports apparel is proudly worn by over 100 sponsored athletes around the world that all share these attributes. Reign represents the foundation of authentic Martial Arts and translates these qualities into real craftsmenship and respect for today's Martial Artists. Reign's massive sponsorship program is so widespread that the apparel line is now one of the most recognized MMA brands in the industry today.

Wear your Reign Sports apparel with pride knowing that those who do, share in the respect and honor of a true warrior.

Join the #ReignArmy Today.

Ryan "Real Deal" Ford, Edmonton, AB

UFC vet John Salter, Fresno, California

Andrew Buckland, Impact MMA

Jer "Jerk" Kornelson, Impact MMA

Nick "The Juggernaught" Hinchliffe, Impact MMA