Coach Jamie Huey of One MMA, Oregon, USA
Ultimate Fighter 17 Team Winner

"In the 18 Years I have been holding punch mitts for several US national Champions, Junior Olympic Champions and Professional Boxers up to heavy handed guys like Yushin Okami, Chael Sonnen and the entire Team at The Ultimate Fighter season 17 I have never found a better punch mitt then both the Reign Combat and Reign Battle series punch mitts. I will never use anything else."

John "The Natural" Alessio
5x UFC Vet

"I have been in the game for many many years and have tried a lot of different gear, Reign gear is one of my favorites! Not only does equipment work great & takes abuse but its stylish gear! I like looking good while training and of course like the protection I get during rough workouts!"

Claude Patrick

"Reign gear is top notch and everything I've worn all holds up well even under the most intense training on top of that the designs are great. Step your game up and get some reign mma gear."

John Punt, Owner and Head Coach of Impact MMA

"We've been using Reign MMA gear since the beginning in 2009. Our stable of fighters include BFL welterweight champion, Graham Spencer, Nick "The Juggernaught" Hinchliffe, Andrew Buckland, Jer "The Jerk" Kornelsen and many other Pro and Amateur fighters. The Reign brand withstands our torture and everything we can dish out. Providing durable and safe protection that has built in longevity, is critical to a high level club such as ours. Reign also provides us with innovative designs and brilliant graphics."

John Salter
3x UFC Vet
AFC Middleweight Champion

"I love the Reign fight shorts. They don't move around while training or fighting. Very comfortable. The Reign boxing gloves are now my favorite pair. I have been using them for sparring for a while now. They look brand new still and I have not hurt my hand once since using them. They are the first pair of boxing gloves I have had that haven't torn, but my favorite thing is the Reign focus mitts. They are great for the holder and puncher. Very durable and very comfortable."